• C4 Music Television (NZ)

  • mini DV

  • greenscreen

  • Adobe After Effects

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Amp'd - titles

Here's some titles I designed for C4 Music Channel in 2004. Shot on DV against a tatty curtain, I learnt a few lessons about resolution doing this. Always shoot with more than enough.
Composited in 3D space in After Effects from hand-drawn ball-point pen elements. 

I was inspired by high school friend's rock-fan scrawled satchels. I shot the presenter Jono with some stand in props, a real guitar and drum sticks, and tracked them in after effects, replacing the guitar for example with my ridiculous double neck pen drawn guitar. 
I constructed the set and all the elements in 3D space in After Effects before finally moving the camera around the space to create the different cuts and angles.