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  • 12 part series

  • HD Varicam

  • Producer Simon Bennett

  • For Channel 9Australia and CBBC

  • South Pacific Pictures Ltd

  • 2005

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Maddigan's Quest

This series was commissioned by CBBC and played in in the UK and internationally, aimed at a teen audience.

The story follows a band of entertainers in a travelling circus who roam a wasteland in a post-apocalyptic time, populated by strange people in different enclave-like cities.

The Maddigan's family circus is sent out from it's home town in search of a power source to save it's city home, protector of knowledge. Sent because no one would suspect the circus that has free passage out in the wilds. We follow the young daughter of the Maddigan family (Rose McIver of The Lovely Bones) as they embark on this mission and she is unexpectedly joined by two strange boys and a baby, who turn out to be from the future, returned to warn the circus that they must not fail, for the future could become a terrible place. 

This was a thoroughly enjoyable shoot, thanks to the great crew, fun storylines and brilliant, large cast of actors. Shot over 3 months with stunts, effects and large trucks it was very difficult and fast-paced work, but I'm very proud of the visuals we achieved in the process.