reel: Motion / Momentum


A showreel of some work over the last few years. Thanks to all the Producers for allowing me to use footage and to have chosen me to shoot the productions in the first place.
A very special thanks to the wonderful camera assists, gaffers, sparks, colourists and rental house people that help me make these images. It takes a lot of people to allow me to wave a camera around and I always appreciate the privilege.
Projects included here:
My Father's Shoes - 35mm Short Film - Panavision Primo lenses - Panavision Platinum - Director Sam Scott
Blackwood - Anamorphic Feature - Xtal Xpress Panavision lenses - Red Epic - Director Adam Wimpenny - Wildcard Films
Tatau - TV Series - Anamorphic (cropped) - Kowa Prominar lenses - Red Dragon - Directors Wayne Yip, Michael Hurst and Josh Frizzell. SPP/BBC3
Darkness Visible - Anamorphic Feature test short - Kowa Prominar lenses - Sony A7Smk2 - Director Neil Biswas - Newscope Films
In The Flesh - TV Series - Anamorphic and Spherical lenses - Lomo lenses and Cooke S4s - Arri Alexa - Director Alice Troughton - Producer John Rushton - BBC3
Merlin - TV Series - Spherical 35mm - Cooke S4s - 35mm Arri ST/LT - Director Justin Molotnikov - Producers Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps - Shine Drama/BBC1
Cucumber - TV Series - Anamorphic Lomo Lenses - Arri Alexa - Director Alice Troughton - Producer Matt Strevens - Red Productions/Channel 4
Tony - Theatrical Feature - 16mm - Zeiss Superspeeds - Aaton XTR & Minima - Director Gerard Johnson - Producer Dan McCulloch

A showreel of some work over the last few years highlighting motion and movement of the characters and the camera. There are many ways to move the camera and I try to cover the scenes in the best way I feel expresses the script and director's intentions.

Techniques and tools in this reel include handheld, gimbal, dolly, crane, steadicam, cable cam even a skateboard or two. 

Projects included here:My Father's Shoes, Blackwood, Tatau, Darkness Visible, In The Flesh, Merlin, Cucumber, Tony