Dale McCready NZCS

A New Zealand-born TV & feature cinematographer working internationally, based in the UK,
Most recent projects: Tin Star, The Split, The Tunnel: Vengeance, The Last Kingdom. 

















Aerial Cinematography

A brief look at some recent aerial work. Over the years I've had the great pleasure to film using Tyler Mounts and most recently the brilliant Shotover F1. Lately I use smaller drones such as the DJI Mavic as a scouting tool and sometimes the DJI Inspire to shoot GVs for the shows I work on. The first clip below is in a full sized Heli shooting scenics and below that some footage from the Inspire1



Medium Format film - Rolleiflex Professional and TLR

Rarotonga, Cook Islands - Canon 5Dmk2 and Petzval 85mm.

New Zealand - Nikon F4 and Reversal film

Thailand - Nikon F4, negative film

Various - Digital and film

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