A comparison test with the then new Varicam LT and a standard Alexa conducted at Panavision London. 5000ASA is GOOD.

A brief sample of the Gremsy SYNC Natural Motion controller (like the Movi Mimic) for the H16 gimbal firstly on a cable cam and then handheld. 

A bit of a play with the Chinese handheld stabiliser Newwer Smooth and Moondog Labs iPhone 1.3x lens on iPhone 6. It's a little big for the stabilser that lens but does work a treat particularly low down and it gets SO close to things..

First brief walk around with the Flowcine Serene and 2 axis Puppeteer to carry the Gremsy H16 gimbal. A7S with 50mm prime and no NDs so very high shutter speed. 1/50th would be much smoother I feel but it's good to push this a bit into a worst case scenario.

A brief play with the Black Magic Pocket camera and some C mount Schnieder lenses. I found that although this looked great, the lenses are a pain. The C mount adaptor and the lenses barely marry. 

First outing in the forest for my Flyline cable camera trolley with Gremsy H10 brushless gimbal as the remote head. Running my 5Dmk3 in Magic Lantern Raw mode to cut in with 35mm. Many thanks to 2nd Unit DOP Ed Moore for shooting this footage while we got the shot. Trolley: Flyline Ultra from PhotoshipOne Gimbal: Gremsy H10 camera: 5Dmk3 with Zeiss 35mm ZF.2 from Duclos Lenses in Magic Lantern raw mode wireless: Paralinx Arrow+ Monitor: SmallHD DP7proOLED and DP4 Controllers: Futaba 8FG for gimbal and Spektrum DX8 for trolley