Maddigan's Quest

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Maddigan's Quest follows the circus troupe Maddigan's Fantasia, who come from the last city on the planet, Solis.

Each year, the Fantasia leave Solis to perform and earn a living. But this year they have a secret mission. They must bring back a solar converter to replace the existing converter — the only source of power in Solis — which is failing. At the centre of the quest is 14-year-old Garland (Rose McIver), the final member of the Maddigan family line. As the Fantasia is attacked, two mysterious boys, Eden and Timon, appear with their baby sister Jewel.

Garland learns they are from the future, journeying back in time to help the Fantasia. They bring magical powers and a talisman that must be protected at all costs. But they also bring danger.

12 Episodes. Panasonic Varicam cameras and Zeiss Digiprime lenses.
The first HD show to be filmed in New Zealand. 

Produced Simon Bennett for  South Pacific Pictures. 2006